Class Descriptions

Compass Basics

In this class foundational yoga poses are broken down into their smaller components to increase student understanding of the posture and alignment. Breathing techniques and meditation are also incorporated for the novice practitioner. Perfect for beginners. 

Hot Vinyasa

In this class, start to link postures with breath as you flow through your practice. Perfect for beginners ready for more of a challenge and seasoned yogis and yoginis. Modifications and hands on adjustments will be offered to help you take the step up in your practice. The 85 degree room will allow you to detoxify your body while moving deeper into the postures. 

Mixed Vinyasa Flow

This hatha vinyasa class is influenced by Katonah, Ashtanga, Forest, and Bikram and empowers students to use their own bodies as tools of measurement for postures throughout the sequences. Through self-mapping and mindfulness techniques, students learn to use their bodies to build strength and flexibility.

You will be still in some postures, giving you time and space to move into them; transition into postures with precision to create movement and build heat from within; the teacher may also use dynamic or active stretches and mobility drills in an effort to increase your range of motion, providing you with more knowledge and control of your body. All levels are welcome.


This is not a yoga or flow class but rather a mobility-focused class that can enhance your yoga practice, as well as any other practices off your mat. We will move through mobility exercises and dynamic or active stretching techniques that build maximum body control, flexibility and usable ranges of motion. These exercises are designed to improve your movement potential, mitigate injuries and promote joint longevity and health. All levels are welcome.

Power Beat Yoga 

Power Beat takes place in a hot, dark, candlelit room without mirrors and epic EDM or Hip-Hop beats. Power Beat allows you to focus on your individual practice while also detoxifying your body and increasing strength and flexibility.

Yoga Nidra 

Yoga Nidra allows you to experience breath-work, micro movements and energy healing. The sessions will include a guided meditation that enables you to move your own energy along with receiving distance healing. A This session will provide you with a deeply relaxing and calming experience. It will help you in grounding your energy, calming your central nervous system and releasing blockages and trapped energy. 

Pricing Options 

All pricing options do not include sales tax. 

Drop In  - $17

Monthly Unlimited - $110

Access to unlimited yoga classes, including virtual classes, discounts on workshops and energy services. 

Weekend Warrior- $50

Monthly unlimited yoga classes (WEEKEND CLASSES ONLY), unlimited access to virtual classes, discounts on workshops and energy services. 

5 Class Pass - $75

10 Class Pass- $135

Yoga Nidra - $20 

Buy one session for $20 or buy 5 and get the 6th session FREE!

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